Thursday, October 06, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 48

The monster always had figgy pudding boiling.  A molten surprise dumped on carollers, flame broiling. Krampus baked in coins despite the cost, a choking hazard several lives were lost. 

Then came the mincemeat flavored pie, though it wasn't meat and Krampus wondered why.  The beast added tripe to make it true to name, the few who ate it wondered who was to blame.  The pie were horrid terrible foul. Left on doorsteps when the Beast did prowl.

Once had added candied apples to a church bake sale, They were infested with worms, also stale.  In the caramel glaze they looked fine, but after a few bites kiddies retched and whined. Krampus watched from afar laughing to himself har har har!

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