Thursday, October 20, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 67

Ancient rhymes sung of olden times with Krampus humming along.  Sang and swelled from the backyard the whole night long.  These miscreants of Christmas didn't care the hour was late.  They didn't even pause when the Trashmen were banging on the gate.

A concert for Krampus alone sole and safe within his home.  Krampus's little doghouse draped with lights that danced with the song.  He would have liked more but to many plugs in an outlet is wrong.

Idunn in her sleep dreamed of dancing with Santa and riding Krampus back.  The little girl didn't know the monster would have preferred her for a snack.  She thought him a furry friend and didn't think of teeth that rend.

The monster would have been wary if he knew of the little girls plans, He was a connoisseur of kids but otherwise not a fan.

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