Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 57

From the hills Krampus stumbled down the slopes, sadly, madly deprived of his hopes.  No house or kids this far from town, the beast was really feeling down.  Then at last he arrived where the sidewalk began, children took one look at Krampus; shrieked and ran.

Feeling a tad better the monster gave chase, lashing a teen directly in the face.  Krampus kicked him as he went down, Happily cackling with no sort of frown.

The terror that night legend to this day, though only an urban legend the foolish unbelievers will say.  I can assure you though I still have the scars, Krampus branded me with a red hot iron bar.

The night when Krampus slept sound in the backyard many houses lay burned and charred.  Him he was happy again the raging beast even Gamera couldn't challenge him being so far back east.

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