Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sir Lord Baltimore

Another early metal band for you to check out is Sir Lord Baltimore.  I really hope you like these guys.  They are very raw and heavy but a touch more refined than some of the other early bands. 

Metal is much more orchestration over improvisation.  Some of these early bands I am mentioning have a very sixties sound that is muddy.  A lot of people doing a lot of music.  There is not the focus on the riff that is metal. This is not so with Sir Lord Baltimore.  Tracks like Kingdom come are riff focused.  Its not heavy sludgy its heavy then crisp quiet.

I am not the hugest black sabbath fan, well at least Ozzy sabbath.  I love Dio Sabbath.  One of the reasons is Ozzy's vocal.  He is sort of unique in his approach and vocally dissimilar to the leather lunged style that would dominate metal.  Sir lord Baltimore are a touch more in line with this vocal style.  I like that.

There are even some quiet songs or semi ballads.  These fall more in the metal camp of frolicking in a sylvan glade ballad that would come.  Some of the quiet music of other groups is where they would fall out of metal and back to musical style popular in their day.

In this series of review I am talking about bands I like, so consider this a recommendation.  I am trying to not be negative here.  If you would like me too, screw Vanilla Fudge and Strawberry Alarm clock.  You people that call them metal or protometal or anything metal are just plain wrong. 

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