Friday, October 07, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 50

Krampus kept the meat in the cellar, salted and cured to keep through the winter. His pantry still unfilled but Krampus didn't fret, It would soon be Christmas and plenty of bad kids he bet.

He'd take some candy around Halloween it wouldn't matter if he was seen. Kids would think it a costume until he snatched their bags, the monster devoured the treats leaving only rags.  Pillow cases torn, crying kids marked his path.  Parents outraged in Hallows eve aftermath.

If things were really bleak Krampus dung for hot dogs in convenience store trash.  The were awful tasting and had stinking reek, but tasted a little better coated in ash. Krampus would worry later the night now done, he snacked on a foot wrapped in a bun.

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