Monday, October 10, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 52

The hulking brute had grown fond of the girl. Idunn and he would talk over the fence all hours of the night,  then she would climb through her window quick as a squirrel. Leaving the beast for her soft warm bed, him to his dog house that didn't cover his head. Idunn's parents wouldn't understand, if they knew these nightly visits would be banded.

The little girl gone, Krampus again enforced the rules.  Krampus thought of charity important for the yule.  The store stood on the classy side of town, He didn't target the poor for this Christmas shake down.  All had plenty to give or got the whip, funny how the richest usually ended with a fat lip.

Krampus looked over toys in the bin, someone ambivalent it was hard to read his grin.  Too few gifts for the older boys and girl, Christmas wasn't easy for the older orphans of the world.  No music players or big kid bikes, but plenty gift for the smallest of tike's.

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