Monday, October 24, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 73

The incident with the tree didn't go as krampus hoped.  He just couldn't scare this girl away he moped.  Where did this one get off being so brave, it was an insult the monster would take to his grave.  One little girl that liked the brute, now stuck with a friendship he couldn't refute.

Instead of talking through she hopped over the fence; Looking the beast eye to eye without even a wince.  She even helped hang the little lights.  A kid helping Krampus; boy Santa would laugh at the sight.

She liked Christmas too its something all kids do, but Idunn loved it like the beast.  Not only presents but the lights, tree and feast.  She loved her family coming from near and far, even the uncle that lived at the bar.  She even have an eye for decking the halls, also she brought Krampus Christmas cheese balls.

After being filled with treats Krampus didn't much mind this kid he couldn't eat.  She even had a good backhand with the whip, good follow through and a solid grip.

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