Thursday, October 13, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 60

Every now and then Idunn came along, Krampus let her swing the whip but she wasn't very strong.  Even the Captive thought it was cute, a nice reprieve from the brute.  She was too little to crank the rack, even to see she had to ride on Krampus back. 

The monster worried a little the girl may go bad, boy Santa would be really mad. But he was happy and didn't worry of lists and continued lancing the evil managers like a cyst. 

Krampus always made sure Idunn was safely home, then returned to his backyard to argue with the dog over a bone. 

The worst of his work he saved when the girl was away.  That's when the beast really got to play.  Breaking arms and cracking ribs.  Forcing them to listen to music of the brothers Gibb.

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