Thursday, October 27, 2011

The New Order

I love Testament they have always been my favorite band in the Thrash scene.  They do everything right for me.  Its fast, riffy, with clean voice and a few growls.  Skolnicks sound is distinct and comes across immediately. 

My favorite record is actually "The Legacy" but I must concede "The New Order" is a superior record.  It's sort of the perfect Thrash album.  Its hard and not goofy.  It side steps fantasy elements and goes for a futuristic concept album.  Personally I love the fantasy bits, Alone in the Dark is my favorite Testament song; but I understand  how the vague apocalyptic theme works better for a broad variety of listeners.

The music is first rate,hitting you like a heavy metal assault.  Eric Peterson should get a mention here, he is very solid but is overshadowed by Skolnick all the time.  He and Greg Christian are the heavy soul that Skolnick dances over on this record.  Drumming is solid I sort of wish Louie was still in the band and not the revolving door they have going on.  A single presence on the drums would be nice.

Vocally Chuck billy is great, also Erics growls are a perfect fit.  There isn't the ballady metal Bob Dylan singing that Chuck used on practice what you preach.  The record is full on metal.  The tracks are great with many crowd favorites.  Musical Death is a nice quiet moment at the end of the record.

If you are looked at thrash and don't have this record you are missing something.  I would put it up there with Rust in Peace, Seasons in the Abyss and Among the living as thrash metal must haves.

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