Monday, October 03, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 45

In the season Krampus loved to bake the worst inedible ill flavored sort of fruity cakes.  Delivering to neighbors doorsteps with a wild toss.  Some shattered across the lawn, Krampus wouldn't mourn their loss.  Cake broken windows were none of the monsters concern, same as last Christmas they should have learned.

The cakes hard really not for eating, Just a friendly seasons greeting.  Krampus didn't shell nuts just left them as a suprise, He also added hot wheels you should see the kiddies eyes.  In January the dentist fixed many hurt teeth, he sometime sent Krampus a thank you wreath.

Krampus cooked cookies though they tasted of frogs, no one eat them not even local dogs.  His pumpkin cakes were great those he didn't share.  We only knew of those from the delicious smell in the air.

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