Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 77

And so the Beast, Krampus, had made a friend.  This being rare for a monster he was loyal to the end.  He told idunn of old Christmases untold, bring the girl into yule tides exclusive fold. 

Krampus documented the long history of lights around the house, from edition to general electric on through Westinghouse. Illuminating his secrets for decking the bows, giving her all the whys and hows.

The monster even gave idunn copies from his cooking book.  Though some called for awful ingredients its best not to look.  Idunn passed along to mommy those more plain.  Her mommy tried a few but her efforts were in vain.

Krampus even once gave the girl a hug.  He was stiff and awkward squishing Idunn like a pug.  But she laughed and didn't once cry.  Krampus teared up a little but said he had something in his eye.

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