Friday, October 14, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 62

Late in October when much was in hand, Krampus relieved as it was going as planned, he took time to enjoy the autumn. Sea of leave caught in the air, whipping and whirling dancing without care. Lawns left patchwork blanketed, some carefully raked and made nakeded.

The kids confused Krampus all dressed like someone else, pirates or plumbers or even Celts.  Then demanding treats wherever they go, lord help you if you dare say now.

One night Krampus saw a little girl dressed like him, she had the horns and hoof but was much much too slim. The beast ran away at the doppelgangers sight, Imagine a little girl giving a monster such a fright.

But Krampus had more pressing matters at hand, a party to attend he was a friend of the band.  The monster even dressed up in his little lederhosen, them far too tight.  He though a costume needed for the night. But upon arriving he found most his friends dressed as monsters or ghouls.

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