Thursday, October 06, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 49

The October moon still high and full krampus stalked the streets mean and cruel.  His sack still empty hunting for kids, the monster had really hit the skids.  His belly full for the moment but his kitchen bare with not children about not one to scare.

Krampus silently prowled the park, a few hours after it turning dark; teens had taken over to smoke and worse, some said they listened to loud music and cursed. The monster targeted a small pack that smelled of cloves and dressed in black.  Their music Krampus didn't enjoy but it kept a beat as he grabbed a boy.  He broke his arm with a twist, then mauling another with his fist.

The rest ran with terror filled eyes, Krampus measured his victims for proper size.  One was fine the other too small, Krampus tossed him back in a broken ball.  One would have to do for tonight, maybe with some seasoning he would taste alright.

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