Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 47

Rows of pine looked down from the hills upon the town.  Grown and regrown to be freshly cut, owners tending cash in a candy cane covered hut.  Hay rides filled with families looking for trees, an unlucky father picked one with a hive of bees.  For everyone had a saw in hand, stalking for the perfect tree across the land.

Krampus hid til the growing dark, crouched under junk hidden with a tarp.  Creeping out around dusk after sharpening a tusk, he prowled for kids.  Parent worried of pines and spruce.  They wouldn't mind bite marks on little Bruce.  Struggling with a roof rack and a fir; They wouldn't miss couple girls.

Only hoof and paw tracks would mark Krampus there, he would have a snack without a care.  Leaving only sad confused parents at the scene, crying over what could have been.

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