Friday, October 21, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 70

The town burning Krampus watched from afar, this was carnage beyond pare.  Santa would admonish and reign the beast in; but wouldn't know it was all to save a friend.  Krampus glazed into the flames with growing pride.  Idunn was safe even if he needed a new place to hide.

Krampus would miss the neighbor well at least his dog.  Also the warm little house, now he may have to sleep in a bog. He didn't loose much in the blaze, he had a storage locker they gave him a free thirty days.  Luckily a monster doesn't look odd compared to their regular customers.  Half of them already have horns and dress in assorted furs.

Our monster found a caved in and abandoned old mercury mine.  Full of rats and spiders for Krampus it was a lucky find.  Nobody explored the caves afraid of the poison, deadly to people but to Krampus the effects were none. 

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