Friday, October 21, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 71

The pair finally finished the last tune, then scurried off in the light of the moon.  A bus took the guitarist to the next stop on his tour, what happened to the bum really I'm not sure. But there are many bars and local dives not too far a five minute drive.

Krampus tucked into sleep snuggled up in a sheet, but with all his fur there was plenty of heat.  The monster dreamed deep of not beating kids.  He just wanted a pretty witch with whom he could live.  Nothing fancy just quite and alone, a cabin the the woods they'd call home.

If the monster dreamed other things I wouldn't know, I was kept up by the musical show.  Krampus was up before dawn the next few days.  Still decorating his dog house, he entered a contest that pays. 

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