Friday, October 21, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 72

Idunn chattered at Krampus through the fence. The big brute taking each word with a wince.  How did he end up with a kid wanting to be a friend.  If Nick heard of it the torment would never end.  He was a monster Not the monster of the merry yule.  Not this child played him for the fool.

He only took interest when she mentioned her teacher was Ms. Deroon and how for Halloween she had her mom make a Krampus costume.  Flattered the beast finally blushed, a little ashamed he wished the child hushed.

He listened intently when she spoke of getting a tree, maybe he could scare here off then he would have to try and see.  The morning went on much the same, to her words he nodded his mane.  Krampus hoped to end the talk it was driving him insane.

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