Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 56

In the evening, spied little Idunn from the light of the moon.  Her parents didn't see the monster creep.  Krampus would scare them so bad they would lose sleep.  Then this girl wouldn't hope to be his friend, for the monster a happy end.

The beast leaped from behind a tree, mom and daddy lost a little pee.  Their terror rapping them like a rug, but Idunn gave the monster a giant hug.  Krampus himself ran off in fright.  He was to instill in kids horror not delight.

The brute howled in sorrow joined by a local dogs.  Sad and dejected Krampus needed a kid to flog. He needed someone to be scared because of him.  A hug for this monster was far too grim.

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