Friday, October 14, 2011

Wait for you

I recently had my 11th anniversary of my kidney transplant.  My wife was sort of talking about it, my mother thankfully did not.  I have a hard time dealing with it for some reason.  I just want to not think about it.

I feel in debt to my mom but I feel like I need to pay something off every year this time.  It freaks me out as I am not the sort of person who likes to owe someone.  I would rather settle my debts but this is something I am never going to be able to.

I also have this weird feeling of well that is a year less left on my transplant.  I know that is pretty morose way to look at things but I just get the creeping depression about it. 

Doing my best to just get past it now, I saw some posts with other transplants celebrating but that just seems crazy too me.  I think I may have the wrong attitude.  Side note I am happy to have hit 300 post for the blog

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