Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 59

Krampus thanked Bigfoot and headed off for his cave, He still missed the dog house but it was a price he had paid.  And no more nights with lovely Ms. Deroon but worst of all was not to see Idunn.

The beast was still the Krampus and fat Kringle didn't know, that there was one bad child that the monster let go. A good friend just cant be beat, and a friend to a monster is someone you just don't eat.

The fire covered his tracks and in the confusion Idunn was spared.  Maybe this was redemption for the monster; if so he wouldn't care.  The blaze burned down the neighbor house, forcing me to move down south.  Oh didn't you know I was the neighbor and Krampus lived in my yard.  He wasn't a bad boarder living with him wasnt too hard.

well Krampus go with us, he found a place in the hills.  If you see him let me know, he hasn't paid all his bills.

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