Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 64

There were too man mummies and a skeleton with wired shut eyes and jaws.  Another had no face at all, it was the strangest bunch of monsters you ever saw.  I looked the scenes from all the shirts brought together for a heavy metal concert.

Krampus finally took a seat in the corner near his friend Ed.  He was dress in a straight jack bolts holding down the top of his head.  He said Hi and passed the furry Krampus some wine, He even mulled it which suited just fine.  They all knew Krampus was a monster of Christmas, even though that seems awfully strange. Sure he played Santa's strong arm and was fond of causing bodily harm, but he loved Christmas all the same.

Love that left him feeling out of place even amongst all the fun. To their roaring electric mayhem of music Krampus thought of merry little carols and started to hum. For the candy He thought of cookies and ask the barman for eggnog and rum. His friends had had enough of him when he arranged the skeletons into a nativity and wondered why they asked Krampus to come.

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