Friday, October 07, 2011


Dust is interesting, as they again approach metal but are not quit there.   They have passed out of the psych sound of the late sixties and are cleaner.  The music is almost something that could be called early hard rock.

Their first record is also interesting as it grasps the medieval fantasy world so present on later metal records. It looks like Boris Vallejo's work but it could be mistaken. There are vikings warriors battling on a snow capped mountain, very majestic.

Interestingly the drummer is non other than Markey Ramone.  I guess this was something he did in his teens before falling in with the punk crowd. 

Don't look for Maiden here, this is something that would become something that would become metal.  Sort of like Blue cheer with cleaner production.  You can find them on youtube so Its worth a listen.   There is more information at Metal Archive.

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