Monday, October 17, 2011

Electric Funeral

With a name like Electric Funeral we can start off by saying yes post Sabbath inspired band.  They are from Switzerland I believe but I am not sure on that.

The first song you need to listen to is Fly A way.  Oh my god that isn't early Sabbath you are hearing but early Maiden.  If you said oh its Smiler I would have taken your word for it.  It's fast and riffy with a high lyric.  This isn't like this all the way through, and songs like Rock Ba Rock are often proggy.  But there are a lot of songs where they take those riffs or solos have have them speed up to almost NWOBHM levels.

Lyrically and musically its like these guys loved Sabbath but took a more Robert Plant approach to the vocal.  I am really blown away but how this clearly early 70's band captured of a later sound.  I think this may be a live recording which can account for some of the speed and excitement in the performance.  But DAMN!!  The image is taken from William Tell's Guitar where these is also a review.

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