Friday, October 14, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 63

With the work finished Krampus finally headed home, A solitary monster now not so happy to be alone.  He would be happy to again see Idunn, but not now or the morning he'd sleep at least til noon. She would have presents and parents make such a fuss, maybe he could see her late after dusk.

With a buzz the radio told him of a change of plans, another for the naughty list, more work at hand.  He was tired and groaned at the call. The elves assured it was near home and the child small.  Krampus already full rocked his stomach to make some room. He was glad the night would be over soon.

When he arrived at the address something stuck in his throat. This was Idunn's house he rechecked his written note.  Did he write the numbers bad, this can't be right he was mad.  Then the monster thought of her little hand turning the rack and worried crept up his back. Was he to blame for her downward turn, the notion hurt like a burn. 

This wasn't right Krampus cried, searching the sky for a sleigh that flied.  You don't make a friend and then chew her up, Krampus tears could have filled a cup.  He roared and moaned but also thought, and a glimmer of an idea must have been caught.

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