Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 58

Some nights the monster tide on to the rack, other time he beat one in a sack.  But every night taking time to explain the cause and reason for their pain. Those who worked hard seldom received thanks, all while they moved up through the ranks.  Their rise was on others backs, people with skill something all of them lacked.

The beast told Christmas was already earned in the year.  Why be loyal next one, he sounded in an ear.  Krampus grabbed a fat one by the tie and decked him hard in the eye. 

He saved most scorn for one named Rajesh a petty tyrant who said his team thought he was the best.  The bastard risked his neck for none always looking out for number one.  He would never have thanked even when due, that piece of crap went into Krampus stew.

The rest he released after much beating he even forced them to partake in manager stew eating.  They ran home looking over a should all the way, they did better at Christmas the rest of their days.

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