Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back in the Village again

I am not one to get into politics here on the blog.  I think you can tell from the writing I am someone who feels suspicious about everyone else. I just don't think what I am feeling is what all the rest of you feel, or it would be a very different place.

To the 99% you scare me.  I may not like the 1% but I want to believe I have a path to become one. Somehow I see whatever comes out of this, I will be less able to succeed as I may like.  Also if you are complaining about Jobs this is going to hurt you.  Often enough you see the media talking negatively about generation Y in terms of employment.  There is a view of entitlement true or not.  This will be seen as a hissy fit.

To the 1% you are assholes too.  Outsourcing and Layoffs are detrimental to our country.  They should not be good for stocks.  You shouldn't be able to bet a stock will go down and make money.  Those things are bad for us all.  I would  destroy this world for my daughters good, you should feel the same about our country.  Support it!

I don't want either of you speaking for me.  I don't want a number but if I must take one how about number 6. I'm not a number, I'm free.  If only to have an unheard voice of my own.

The New Order

I love Testament they have always been my favorite band in the Thrash scene.  They do everything right for me.  Its fast, riffy, with clean voice and a few growls.  Skolnicks sound is distinct and comes across immediately. 

My favorite record is actually "The Legacy" but I must concede "The New Order" is a superior record.  It's sort of the perfect Thrash album.  Its hard and not goofy.  It side steps fantasy elements and goes for a futuristic concept album.  Personally I love the fantasy bits, Alone in the Dark is my favorite Testament song; but I understand  how the vague apocalyptic theme works better for a broad variety of listeners.

The music is first rate,hitting you like a heavy metal assault.  Eric Peterson should get a mention here, he is very solid but is overshadowed by Skolnick all the time.  He and Greg Christian are the heavy soul that Skolnick dances over on this record.  Drumming is solid I sort of wish Louie was still in the band and not the revolving door they have going on.  A single presence on the drums would be nice.

Vocally Chuck billy is great, also Erics growls are a perfect fit.  There isn't the ballady metal Bob Dylan singing that Chuck used on practice what you preach.  The record is full on metal.  The tracks are great with many crowd favorites.  Musical Death is a nice quiet moment at the end of the record.

If you are looked at thrash and don't have this record you are missing something.  I would put it up there with Rust in Peace, Seasons in the Abyss and Among the living as thrash metal must haves.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 78

 Expanded and updated scene at Christmas in the park now with Idunn added.

Krampus and Idunn wandered the park in wonder even though all was turned down and dark.  Little scenes of Christmastide lay still, long past closing time.  The beast looked on smiling at how with no people no peddlers it got Christmas right.  In rain lights shined on the roadway all looking lonely in depth of night.

With the power on elves hammered out toys in a sweatshop for the good girls and boys.  Reindeer trotted in a stable each in a stall in animatronic Christmas scenes once owned by the mall. Some new others old and dingy, they should be cleaned but the city was stingy.

Idunn happily squealed the about the virtues of every scene, the girl so happy Krampus smiled not the least bit mean. She shouldn't have been out this late, certainly not with a monster, be she thought it was great. He parents had taken her, at day to see the park, but now it had a new magic, with a monster, in the dark

A forest of lighted trees decks by local rotary clubs; shined merrily lighting the way to local pubs.  Hours later the sausage stand watered Krampus's maw.  He found a few left over links in a can with trash and straws. Idunn said no when Krampus offered a bite, the beast wanted her to eat but she put up a fight. 

All all Idunn like the little Noah's Ark, she said it was the best of the whole Christmas In the Park.  The monster smiled remembering the traditions start.  A gift from the cities mortician, the irony was not lost in Krampus's heart.  Chilly air gust odd for a city of the bay, a drop of rain sent the pair on their way.

They left wind rushing through Krampus's hair, upon an old motorbike sidecar equipped for flair.  Idunn huddled wrapped up with a giant helmet on top.  She shouted with joy at Krampus with every stop. On through the houses alight with Christmas light bulbs shining against the night.  He turned down unknown streets to see houses made up with zeal.  Most streets had but a few but one street he stopped skidding with a squeal.

All the houses even the trees shined out blanketing the scene in weight.  Like new fell snow drooping down every bough! When Idunn saw she gasped a great big wow! He rode slow hushedly looking on happy feeling great.  This was a street to remember and check in on again.  Then they road off Krampus with his new found friend.

Krampus for Christmas part 77

And so the Beast, Krampus, had made a friend.  This being rare for a monster he was loyal to the end.  He told idunn of old Christmases untold, bring the girl into yule tides exclusive fold. 

Krampus documented the long history of lights around the house, from edition to general electric on through Westinghouse. Illuminating his secrets for decking the bows, giving her all the whys and hows.

The monster even gave idunn copies from his cooking book.  Though some called for awful ingredients its best not to look.  Idunn passed along to mommy those more plain.  Her mommy tried a few but her efforts were in vain.

Krampus even once gave the girl a hug.  He was stiff and awkward squishing Idunn like a pug.  But she laughed and didn't once cry.  Krampus teared up a little but said he had something in his eye.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 76

Fleeing the mall Krampus spied Idunn in line, waiting for Santa her parents glowering from behind.  The little girl's smile lighted her parents gloom, Papa stepping between the beast and Idunn.  Krampus smiled a fang filled grin crashing through the exit knocking over a trash bin.

Her parents wondered and looked down at Idunn, catching a glimmer of her smile mommy started to swoon.  She were about to asked how she knew the brute, when the elves led her to Santa in his giant red suit.

Claus asked what she would like and posed for a picture, Offering a word to her parent to reign her in stricter.  He gave Idunn a cane and hustled her away.  Saying I'll see you again next week Christmas day.

Glancing back as she left he gave her a wink.  He knew Krampus too Idunn started to think. 

Krampus for Christmas part 75

After a few visits and some time, Krampus actually started not to mind.  Idunn helped and the beast had plenty to do.  He needed many more switches and a can or two.  Without the girls help the work might never get through.

She even figured out what the record player was all about.  Idunn was too young and her parents didn't care for vinyl.  They hate those horrid hipsters that much is final.  But the girl treated the monsters records with a ginger hand, and though his choice in music was perfectly grand.  Sometimes they even sang together changing the words, something about the batmobile losing wheels I've heard.

When Krampus asked Idunn if she sent a list to Saint Nick; she decided she would just give it to Krampus it would be more quick.  She even asked if he could come down the chimney instead and eat up cookies whilst she slept in bed.  The idea was so sweet the monster started to blush, but being a big monsters he was much to plush.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Blue Cheer

I arrive finally at some of the Bay Area’s local roots in the Metal story.  These bands being the Count Five and Blue Cheer.  Neither are metal bands.  To speak briefly of Sabbath they played metal and were a metal band.  They had dark occult interests in their time off in some cases.  This is not going to be true for the two bands I am talking of.

Count Five are most often talked about as punk.  They were pretty much a typical sixties rock band, their song psychotic reaction really just has an energetic solo.  I would not even mention them except for their dressing up in capes and standing in front of the Winchester Mystery House for promotional photos.  I think you may give them something of a shock rock credit there but I do not believe they were taking this into their stage show.  Arthur Brown or even Howling Jay Hawkins has a better claim to the title.

As for Blue Cheer, they are a blues band that turned it up to twelve, they tried thirteen but it was a little loud.  In researching the Cheer, I don't really see them as attempting to do anything other than play loud.  They very much seem to be hippies or bluesies for the late 60's with extra amplification.

Metal is not a counterculture but a counter counterculture.  Metal arises out of the hypocrisy of the Hippies and throws it in their face, and that is what metal always does.  It seems to come from and for the outsider.  It seems to find those who need it and exclude or even repulse those who don't.  Even the horns are a statement of difference and unity.

Blue Cheer was not looking for that otherness.  Black Sabbath was born out of it, their music as Earth doesn't have it. Metal often comes out of harder more industrial areas.  Here in the Bay that is the east bay not San Francisco, which the Cheer seemed a part of. Their early album Vincebus Eruptum is certainly metal, but they arrived at it almost on accident. It’s that heavy blues that metal was birthed from, they just took it too far.  This in itself is pretty damn metal!

Krampus for Christmas part 74

Idunn watched from the sidecar of the cycle outside; using a few blankets to keep warm and hide.  She laughed at the screams emitting from the home and the cracks and crunches of Krampus breaking there bones.

She wasn't vicious or at all mean, but she rooted for Krampus she was part of his team.  She didn't really understand what it was she saw, but cheered for the monster with a giant foam paw.

She did help with the outside manger scene.  Then she and Krampus road off after making sure they were not seen.  Krampus made sure to get her back to her bed. Approving of her work with a pat on the head.

Krampus for Christmas part 73

The incident with the tree didn't go as krampus hoped.  He just couldn't scare this girl away he moped.  Where did this one get off being so brave, it was an insult the monster would take to his grave.  One little girl that liked the brute, now stuck with a friendship he couldn't refute.

Instead of talking through she hopped over the fence; Looking the beast eye to eye without even a wince.  She even helped hang the little lights.  A kid helping Krampus; boy Santa would laugh at the sight.

She liked Christmas too its something all kids do, but Idunn loved it like the beast.  Not only presents but the lights, tree and feast.  She loved her family coming from near and far, even the uncle that lived at the bar.  She even have an eye for decking the halls, also she brought Krampus Christmas cheese balls.

After being filled with treats Krampus didn't much mind this kid he couldn't eat.  She even had a good backhand with the whip, good follow through and a solid grip.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 72

Idunn chattered at Krampus through the fence. The big brute taking each word with a wince.  How did he end up with a kid wanting to be a friend.  If Nick heard of it the torment would never end.  He was a monster Not the monster of the merry yule.  Not this child played him for the fool.

He only took interest when she mentioned her teacher was Ms. Deroon and how for Halloween she had her mom make a Krampus costume.  Flattered the beast finally blushed, a little ashamed he wished the child hushed.

He listened intently when she spoke of getting a tree, maybe he could scare here off then he would have to try and see.  The morning went on much the same, to her words he nodded his mane.  Krampus hoped to end the talk it was driving him insane.

Krampus for Christmas part 71

The pair finally finished the last tune, then scurried off in the light of the moon.  A bus took the guitarist to the next stop on his tour, what happened to the bum really I'm not sure. But there are many bars and local dives not too far a five minute drive.

Krampus tucked into sleep snuggled up in a sheet, but with all his fur there was plenty of heat.  The monster dreamed deep of not beating kids.  He just wanted a pretty witch with whom he could live.  Nothing fancy just quite and alone, a cabin the the woods they'd call home.

If the monster dreamed other things I wouldn't know, I was kept up by the musical show.  Krampus was up before dawn the next few days.  Still decorating his dog house, he entered a contest that pays. 

Krampus for Christmas part 70

The town burning Krampus watched from afar, this was carnage beyond pare.  Santa would admonish and reign the beast in; but wouldn't know it was all to save a friend.  Krampus glazed into the flames with growing pride.  Idunn was safe even if he needed a new place to hide.

Krampus would miss the neighbor well at least his dog.  Also the warm little house, now he may have to sleep in a bog. He didn't loose much in the blaze, he had a storage locker they gave him a free thirty days.  Luckily a monster doesn't look odd compared to their regular customers.  Half of them already have horns and dress in assorted furs.

Our monster found a caved in and abandoned old mercury mine.  Full of rats and spiders for Krampus it was a lucky find.  Nobody explored the caves afraid of the poison, deadly to people but to Krampus the effects were none. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 69

Krampus smashed a bottle of beer and tried to set it alight, being a monster he wasn't aware it needed more alcohol to ignite.  He set the fence on fire roasting nuts on the open flame.  Soon the neighbors house spared up blazing much the same.  The beast Laughed loud shouting for all to hear, but secretly hurrying the dog to safety, have to fear.

His cries awoke the street and of course Idunn.  Krampus's monstrous form silhouetted against the moon.  Some gasped in terror some pass out others just wondered what the noise was about.  But soon everyone knew a monster preyed upon the block.  For most it was sort of a shock. 

Krampus smiling as flames destroyed the neighbors house. Running off he grabbed a lady tearing open her blouse.  He left with a swat on her ass, her hen pecked husband just coward as she gasped.

When Krampus ran off some tried to give chase, they were fast but couldn't keep pace.  The monster hoped fenced and yards.  keeping up was very hard.

Krampus for Christmas part 68

The monster wandered the small run down shops, A barber and a Baker all painted pink even the sign Stop!  Krampus looked at the little Catrina's and sugary skulls for the dead.  A skull faced server gave kids some swaddled baby bread.

Krampus tucked himself away the crept back toward home.  He wasn't the right sort of monster and should be caught alone.  The monster worried El Cucuy was around, what if there is one monster then two isn't as crazy as it sounds.  The two argued every time they met, about turf is my best guess.

The hoof and paw finally pattered back to home, crawling back to bed tired to his bones.  He slept through most of the next and following days.  To much drinking even for a monster doesn't pay.  When he awoke he felt behind again and hurried rush rush rush. But he did everything silently quieting the dog hush hush hush.

Krampus for Christmas part 67

Ancient rhymes sung of olden times with Krampus humming along.  Sang and swelled from the backyard the whole night long.  These miscreants of Christmas didn't care the hour was late.  They didn't even pause when the Trashmen were banging on the gate.

A concert for Krampus alone sole and safe within his home.  Krampus's little doghouse draped with lights that danced with the song.  He would have liked more but to many plugs in an outlet is wrong.

Idunn in her sleep dreamed of dancing with Santa and riding Krampus back.  The little girl didn't know the monster would have preferred her for a snack.  She thought him a furry friend and didn't think of teeth that rend.

The monster would have been wary if he knew of the little girls plans, He was a connoisseur of kids but otherwise not a fan.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 66

Krampus stayed a few hours and would have stayed more, but found himself always inching his way to the door.  The party didn't notice Krampus steal away I'm not sure they cared he left anyway.  The monster was one too many some had thought, They would see him at Christmas his presence would be sought.

Krampus himself walked deep in Halloween night. After awhile of being alone he started to feel alright. He was happy for the moon, leading him home all pink and bright.

The monster pasted other monster haunting all the streets.  Many masked from Woolworth other with wholes cut in sheets.  These old kids stayed out late prowling for fun, most gave Krampus distance but would flat out run. 

He wandered not aware where he was going and end.  The beast coming face to face with the sun after turning a dark bend.  It was a new day, but one of the dead.  New sights and smells filled the monsters head.

Krampus for Christmas part 65

Krampus wasn't craft but simple and direct, and this plan was something he need to be correct.  No kicking in the door no menacing roar; this had to be sly as the fat man breaking into your house.  Cold as a cat playing with a mouse.

There was evidence he need gone, there had to be no trace at the end of this con.  He didn't know what the neighbor had seen but the monster needed to get away clean.

Maybe a fire the big beast thought, He could say he wanted her flame broiled if he was caught.  Krampus could burn out the neighbor and say wrong address, then maybe Idunn would be out of this mess.  He wouldn't eat her this much he knew, but still he worried what would he do?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 64

There were too man mummies and a skeleton with wired shut eyes and jaws.  Another had no face at all, it was the strangest bunch of monsters you ever saw.  I looked the scenes from all the shirts brought together for a heavy metal concert.

Krampus finally took a seat in the corner near his friend Ed.  He was dress in a straight jack bolts holding down the top of his head.  He said Hi and passed the furry Krampus some wine, He even mulled it which suited just fine.  They all knew Krampus was a monster of Christmas, even though that seems awfully strange. Sure he played Santa's strong arm and was fond of causing bodily harm, but he loved Christmas all the same.

Love that left him feeling out of place even amongst all the fun. To their roaring electric mayhem of music Krampus thought of merry little carols and started to hum. For the candy He thought of cookies and ask the barman for eggnog and rum. His friends had had enough of him when he arranged the skeletons into a nativity and wondered why they asked Krampus to come.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Electric Funeral

With a name like Electric Funeral we can start off by saying yes post Sabbath inspired band.  They are from Switzerland I believe but I am not sure on that.

The first song you need to listen to is Fly A way.  Oh my god that isn't early Sabbath you are hearing but early Maiden.  If you said oh its Smiler I would have taken your word for it.  It's fast and riffy with a high lyric.  This isn't like this all the way through, and songs like Rock Ba Rock are often proggy.  But there are a lot of songs where they take those riffs or solos have have them speed up to almost NWOBHM levels.

Lyrically and musically its like these guys loved Sabbath but took a more Robert Plant approach to the vocal.  I am really blown away but how this clearly early 70's band captured of a later sound.  I think this may be a live recording which can account for some of the speed and excitement in the performance.  But DAMN!!  The image is taken from William Tell's Guitar where these is also a review.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 63

With the work finished Krampus finally headed home, A solitary monster now not so happy to be alone.  He would be happy to again see Idunn, but not now or the morning he'd sleep at least til noon. She would have presents and parents make such a fuss, maybe he could see her late after dusk.

With a buzz the radio told him of a change of plans, another for the naughty list, more work at hand.  He was tired and groaned at the call. The elves assured it was near home and the child small.  Krampus already full rocked his stomach to make some room. He was glad the night would be over soon.

When he arrived at the address something stuck in his throat. This was Idunn's house he rechecked his written note.  Did he write the numbers bad, this can't be right he was mad.  Then the monster thought of her little hand turning the rack and worried crept up his back. Was he to blame for her downward turn, the notion hurt like a burn. 

This wasn't right Krampus cried, searching the sky for a sleigh that flied.  You don't make a friend and then chew her up, Krampus tears could have filled a cup.  He roared and moaned but also thought, and a glimmer of an idea must have been caught.

Krampus for Christmas part 62

Late in October when much was in hand, Krampus relieved as it was going as planned, he took time to enjoy the autumn. Sea of leave caught in the air, whipping and whirling dancing without care. Lawns left patchwork blanketed, some carefully raked and made nakeded.

The kids confused Krampus all dressed like someone else, pirates or plumbers or even Celts.  Then demanding treats wherever they go, lord help you if you dare say now.

One night Krampus saw a little girl dressed like him, she had the horns and hoof but was much much too slim. The beast ran away at the doppelgangers sight, Imagine a little girl giving a monster such a fright.

But Krampus had more pressing matters at hand, a party to attend he was a friend of the band.  The monster even dressed up in his little lederhosen, them far too tight.  He though a costume needed for the night. But upon arriving he found most his friends dressed as monsters or ghouls.

Wait for you

I recently had my 11th anniversary of my kidney transplant.  My wife was sort of talking about it, my mother thankfully did not.  I have a hard time dealing with it for some reason.  I just want to not think about it.

I feel in debt to my mom but I feel like I need to pay something off every year this time.  It freaks me out as I am not the sort of person who likes to owe someone.  I would rather settle my debts but this is something I am never going to be able to.

I also have this weird feeling of well that is a year less left on my transplant.  I know that is pretty morose way to look at things but I just get the creeping depression about it. 

Doing my best to just get past it now, I saw some posts with other transplants celebrating but that just seems crazy too me.  I think I may have the wrong attitude.  Side note I am happy to have hit 300 post for the blog

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 61

Deroon, I heard she was married and had a kid, if it has horns they are well hid. The monster doesn't visit at least that I know.  But its hard for a monster to come and go.

Idunn? I think she still lives with her parent on that street, Hoping to see Krampus again, sometimes leaving out meat.  Maybe she would see him streak across the yard, she thought she saw him  once but in the dark saying is hard.  She is a good girl, but Krampus wouldn't visit even if she was bad.  A monster losing a friend is very sad.

Krampus well he is still Krampus so be warned if you are bad, if he doesn't visit you should be glad.  He stalks the local playgrounds and shopping mall, preying on children at the end of fall.  This year Christmas will come with a curse, Krampus is coming my final verse.

Sir Lord Baltimore

Another early metal band for you to check out is Sir Lord Baltimore.  I really hope you like these guys.  They are very raw and heavy but a touch more refined than some of the other early bands. 

Metal is much more orchestration over improvisation.  Some of these early bands I am mentioning have a very sixties sound that is muddy.  A lot of people doing a lot of music.  There is not the focus on the riff that is metal. This is not so with Sir Lord Baltimore.  Tracks like Kingdom come are riff focused.  Its not heavy sludgy its heavy then crisp quiet.

I am not the hugest black sabbath fan, well at least Ozzy sabbath.  I love Dio Sabbath.  One of the reasons is Ozzy's vocal.  He is sort of unique in his approach and vocally dissimilar to the leather lunged style that would dominate metal.  Sir lord Baltimore are a touch more in line with this vocal style.  I like that.

There are even some quiet songs or semi ballads.  These fall more in the metal camp of frolicking in a sylvan glade ballad that would come.  Some of the quiet music of other groups is where they would fall out of metal and back to musical style popular in their day.

In this series of review I am talking about bands I like, so consider this a recommendation.  I am trying to not be negative here.  If you would like me too, screw Vanilla Fudge and Strawberry Alarm clock.  You people that call them metal or protometal or anything metal are just plain wrong. 

Image stolen from snow records blog

Krampus for Christmas part 60

Every now and then Idunn came along, Krampus let her swing the whip but she wasn't very strong.  Even the Captive thought it was cute, a nice reprieve from the brute.  She was too little to crank the rack, even to see she had to ride on Krampus back. 

The monster worried a little the girl may go bad, boy Santa would be really mad. But he was happy and didn't worry of lists and continued lancing the evil managers like a cyst. 

Krampus always made sure Idunn was safely home, then returned to his backyard to argue with the dog over a bone. 

The worst of his work he saved when the girl was away.  That's when the beast really got to play.  Breaking arms and cracking ribs.  Forcing them to listen to music of the brothers Gibb.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 59

Krampus thanked Bigfoot and headed off for his cave, He still missed the dog house but it was a price he had paid.  And no more nights with lovely Ms. Deroon but worst of all was not to see Idunn.

The beast was still the Krampus and fat Kringle didn't know, that there was one bad child that the monster let go. A good friend just cant be beat, and a friend to a monster is someone you just don't eat.

The fire covered his tracks and in the confusion Idunn was spared.  Maybe this was redemption for the monster; if so he wouldn't care.  The blaze burned down the neighbor house, forcing me to move down south.  Oh didn't you know I was the neighbor and Krampus lived in my yard.  He wasn't a bad boarder living with him wasnt too hard.

well Krampus go with us, he found a place in the hills.  If you see him let me know, he hasn't paid all his bills.

Krampus for Christmas part 58

Some nights the monster tide on to the rack, other time he beat one in a sack.  But every night taking time to explain the cause and reason for their pain. Those who worked hard seldom received thanks, all while they moved up through the ranks.  Their rise was on others backs, people with skill something all of them lacked.

The beast told Christmas was already earned in the year.  Why be loyal next one, he sounded in an ear.  Krampus grabbed a fat one by the tie and decked him hard in the eye. 

He saved most scorn for one named Rajesh a petty tyrant who said his team thought he was the best.  The bastard risked his neck for none always looking out for number one.  He would never have thanked even when due, that piece of crap went into Krampus stew.

The rest he released after much beating he even forced them to partake in manager stew eating.  They ran home looking over a should all the way, they did better at Christmas the rest of their days.

Krampus for Christmas part 57

From the hills Krampus stumbled down the slopes, sadly, madly deprived of his hopes.  No house or kids this far from town, the beast was really feeling down.  Then at last he arrived where the sidewalk began, children took one look at Krampus; shrieked and ran.

Feeling a tad better the monster gave chase, lashing a teen directly in the face.  Krampus kicked him as he went down, Happily cackling with no sort of frown.

The terror that night legend to this day, though only an urban legend the foolish unbelievers will say.  I can assure you though I still have the scars, Krampus branded me with a red hot iron bar.

The night when Krampus slept sound in the backyard many houses lay burned and charred.  Him he was happy again the raging beast even Gamera couldn't challenge him being so far back east.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 56

In the evening, spied little Idunn from the light of the moon.  Her parents didn't see the monster creep.  Krampus would scare them so bad they would lose sleep.  Then this girl wouldn't hope to be his friend, for the monster a happy end.

The beast leaped from behind a tree, mom and daddy lost a little pee.  Their terror rapping them like a rug, but Idunn gave the monster a giant hug.  Krampus himself ran off in fright.  He was to instill in kids horror not delight.

The brute howled in sorrow joined by a local dogs.  Sad and dejected Krampus needed a kid to flog. He needed someone to be scared because of him.  A hug for this monster was far too grim.

Krampus for Christmas part 55

To someone in the family they may pass the flame but to Krampus taste it would be tame.  The would take a tradition or two the rest passing away to the beasts rue.

Krampus remembered to many holidays long forgot, none would be remembered and put at the soul of the plot. The monster turned them over in mind, when filled with longing from time to time.

Still some new ideas weren't so dark, except for that horrid peppermint bark.  Perhaps the couples kids would have a grand thought and the spirit of Christmas again would be caught.  Krampus felt a ray of hope. Maybe with the loss of the little couple he could cope.

Krampus for Christmas part 54

Krampus stalked about the isles, tossing toys into unsuspecting carts, then instructing shoppers where to donate with a menacing smile.  Shoppers complied in fear, buying music players or losing their ears.

The monster ordered one suited man to buy up video games or face his wrath.  He bought out the store earning the beasts approving Laugh.

Near close Krampus appraised the haul, smiling happily the bins filled all.  He could go home his work complete, next year maybe he and Santa couple compete.  Many kids would have a happy year, now it was time for Krampus to make the others tremble in fear.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 53

Krampus had watched the couples house fill and fill every years until kids were about to spill.  Most years the traditions remained the same, though some were already pretty strange.  Chop Suey was served for a special treat, odd for a Mexican Irish family to like to eat.  One son often cooked eggs pickled in beets, most would have preferred to lick feet.

Krampus would be sad when they were gone, then only a lesser Christmas could be drawn.  Sad for the Kids who wouldn't get to see, Christmas everywhere even a Crystal tree.  Boys would wonder over a hot wheel covered twig draped with lights, two feet big.  For the girls one decked in dolls, and merriness everywhere though the halls.

If the monster could save some in his mind maybe it wouldn't be lost ever in time.  The beast wished he could save some Christmases that were oh so grand, not to have traditions pass from the land. 

Krampus for Christmas part 52

The hulking brute had grown fond of the girl. Idunn and he would talk over the fence all hours of the night,  then she would climb through her window quick as a squirrel. Leaving the beast for her soft warm bed, him to his dog house that didn't cover his head. Idunn's parents wouldn't understand, if they knew these nightly visits would be banded.

The little girl gone, Krampus again enforced the rules.  Krampus thought of charity important for the yule.  The store stood on the classy side of town, He didn't target the poor for this Christmas shake down.  All had plenty to give or got the whip, funny how the richest usually ended with a fat lip.

Krampus looked over toys in the bin, someone ambivalent it was hard to read his grin.  Too few gifts for the older boys and girl, Christmas wasn't easy for the older orphans of the world.  No music players or big kid bikes, but plenty gift for the smallest of tike's.

The Chemical Wedding

I am going to continue my reviews of early Metal records, but I need to give some more earplay to my next review.  As such I will talk about one of my favorite metal records, Bruce Dickinson's Chemical Wedding.

I love this record.  I feel it may be better than any of Bruce's work with Iron Maiden.  I have reservations saying it is the best metal record of the 90's.  Big claims for sure.   Some will say what of Pantera, but I feel their work has been a detriment to the metal genre as a whole.  Their influence introduced the metal groove which seems to have completely dominated nu metal.  I have always loved the dark melodic approach of metal, so I do see it as something to be mourned.

As for the record itself, you can not do better. Adrian Smith returns to his metallic roots joining Roy Z and Bruce for one hell of a record.  I got this record soon after it was released, metal was very underground at that time and you really had to track down new material.  Youtube has been a real help finding new bands, but back then the record stores were not doing a good job. So finding something solid on the metal front was a real treat.

When I popped in the CD I was really happy with the first few tracks they were metal, they were Bruce, they were almost maiden.  It's the third track "the tower" that really got me, I was thinking this is good, it really needs a twin guitar bit thought, and poof it delivered. Killing floor hit me with how hard they were going, I was surprised but happy.  By  The book of thel I was just totally happy.  I got home and told my wife how awesome the record is.

The rest of the record is great, Jerusalem is a classic I wish they added to the Maiden live line up.  The only low points are the quasi record scratching sound in Machine men, I just don't like it.  But also there is an extra song called return of the king that rules.  I wish that was on the record so I didn't have to look elsewhere.

If you don't have this you must buy it.  You have wronged yourself too long.

Friday, October 07, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 51

His neighborhood baking the talk of the town, spoken in hushed whispers with a grim frown.  Few knew Krampus the beast lurked, they thought the food from a prankster jerk.  Krampus toiled with none knowing his work.

Only Idunn watched him bake, Krampus in a hair net for cleanness sake.  The girl and monster chatted through the fence, Krampus making cookies full of mince.  They shared some of his pumpkin cakes, it was the only tasty dish of all he makes.

His monsterous paw patting her little head, Krampus gave her his famed pumpkin bread.  Her parents love it too, Mother covered it in butter eating two.  To other houses Krampus deliver swill, no one brave enough to eat there fill.  The monsters food wasn't enjoyed, another Christmas sorrow for the girls and boys.

Krampus for Christmas part 50

Krampus kept the meat in the cellar, salted and cured to keep through the winter. His pantry still unfilled but Krampus didn't fret, It would soon be Christmas and plenty of bad kids he bet.

He'd take some candy around Halloween it wouldn't matter if he was seen. Kids would think it a costume until he snatched their bags, the monster devoured the treats leaving only rags.  Pillow cases torn, crying kids marked his path.  Parents outraged in Hallows eve aftermath.

If things were really bleak Krampus dung for hot dogs in convenience store trash.  The were awful tasting and had stinking reek, but tasted a little better coated in ash. Krampus would worry later the night now done, he snacked on a foot wrapped in a bun.


Dust is interesting, as they again approach metal but are not quit there.   They have passed out of the psych sound of the late sixties and are cleaner.  The music is almost something that could be called early hard rock.

Their first record is also interesting as it grasps the medieval fantasy world so present on later metal records. It looks like Boris Vallejo's work but it could be mistaken. There are vikings warriors battling on a snow capped mountain, very majestic.

Interestingly the drummer is non other than Markey Ramone.  I guess this was something he did in his teens before falling in with the punk crowd. 

Don't look for Maiden here, this is something that would become something that would become metal.  Sort of like Blue cheer with cleaner production.  You can find them on youtube so Its worth a listen.   There is more information at Metal Archive.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 49

The October moon still high and full krampus stalked the streets mean and cruel.  His sack still empty hunting for kids, the monster had really hit the skids.  His belly full for the moment but his kitchen bare with not children about not one to scare.

Krampus silently prowled the park, a few hours after it turning dark; teens had taken over to smoke and worse, some said they listened to loud music and cursed. The monster targeted a small pack that smelled of cloves and dressed in black.  Their music Krampus didn't enjoy but it kept a beat as he grabbed a boy.  He broke his arm with a twist, then mauling another with his fist.

The rest ran with terror filled eyes, Krampus measured his victims for proper size.  One was fine the other too small, Krampus tossed him back in a broken ball.  One would have to do for tonight, maybe with some seasoning he would taste alright.

Krampus for Christmas part 48

The monster always had figgy pudding boiling.  A molten surprise dumped on carollers, flame broiling. Krampus baked in coins despite the cost, a choking hazard several lives were lost. 

Then came the mincemeat flavored pie, though it wasn't meat and Krampus wondered why.  The beast added tripe to make it true to name, the few who ate it wondered who was to blame.  The pie were horrid terrible foul. Left on doorsteps when the Beast did prowl.

Once had added candied apples to a church bake sale, They were infested with worms, also stale.  In the caramel glaze they looked fine, but after a few bites kiddies retched and whined. Krampus watched from afar laughing to himself har har har!

Iron Claw

I may be coming late to the party on this one, but Iron Claw is pretty damn awesome!  I am shocked they sound so heavy for 1970.  Its clear they are Black Sabbath influenced but they really have captured a nice heavy sound.

I am not going to say they are the lost pioneers of Heavy metal but they are something you should listen to once or twice.  Skull crusher is a great heavy song that seems to blow the doors off heavy blues and hit metal squarely in jaw.  There are other hard tracks on the record too but you have to take it with a little bit of salt. There are some slow tracks that are just not metal.

When they slow down they are not like Rainbow that can do Temple of the King and have it be metal.  The slow down and they are back to the blues psych rock thing of the late sixties.  You have to remember many of these bands are just occasionally hitting upon metal by accident.  They are not dedicated to it.

You are going to hear Sabbath in there,it's sort of hard not to at the time.  I am not one to say Black Sabbath were the inventors of metal.  Blue Cheer clearly predate them.  Black sabbath were just the first guys to be metal 24/7.  Iron Claw probably were not going around in cloaks, but the music is good and I hope you give it a listen.

Here is a link to Amazon for the record.

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Even more Krampus crap

I wanted to throw a couple of links out there for a couple of like minded blogs.  Well as far as Krampus goes, I have not idea how they feel about metal or progressive rock.  And they may well suck at Frogger!  I should probably challenge them to a dungeons and dragons off.  My players well be a delighted with the story and character development, I've already won.

Anyway, here is a blog from old Krampus's perspective Krampus's Blog

The second is a bunch of images of Krampus form cards primarily.  I probably have stolen these for my posts without a source so its good to give credit Krampus Kards


Krampus for Christmas part 47

Rows of pine looked down from the hills upon the town.  Grown and regrown to be freshly cut, owners tending cash in a candy cane covered hut.  Hay rides filled with families looking for trees, an unlucky father picked one with a hive of bees.  For everyone had a saw in hand, stalking for the perfect tree across the land.

Krampus hid til the growing dark, crouched under junk hidden with a tarp.  Creeping out around dusk after sharpening a tusk, he prowled for kids.  Parent worried of pines and spruce.  They wouldn't mind bite marks on little Bruce.  Struggling with a roof rack and a fir; They wouldn't miss couple girls.

Only hoof and paw tracks would mark Krampus there, he would have a snack without a care.  Leaving only sad confused parents at the scene, crying over what could have been.

From Books and Dreams

I recently came across a record by a group called Message.  I guess they are some sort of Krautrock group but the sound has hints of doom metal.  That all would be well and good if this record was not recorded in 1973.  I am really shocked to hear what they were tapping into so early on.

The record itself is called From Books and Dreams.  The cover looks like it may have been taken from Weird or Creepy magazine.  So sort of metal already I would say.

For the time the music is prog or Kraut prog, but because they are dealing with darker themes it starts hitting on metal.  There are two trackes called Dreams and Nightmares, one with the sub titles dreams and the other; yes you guessed it.  Its this nightmares trac that really hits on metal.  I am getting this stuff through Youtube for now.  I can't seem to find the CD yet. 

I think its worth your time, especially if you are interested in early metal.  Image is stolen from the Fantasy blog, which also has a review here.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

I should be singing but im tired out of breath

I'm a little sad how exhausted I am lately I am not getting much time in with my daughter or wife that I am not needing to fall over.  I am not sure what is going on, i could use several hours of sleep and still feel tired.

I am getting concerned about my transplant because of this.  I know I was always beat when my kidney finally failed.  You don't do a good job making red blood cells when you have renal failure so Oxygen is just not getting to your body.

I am going to go get my blood check soon, so I can stop worrying or start doing something about it. 

I hope this isn't the start of another bad period and is just a change of season flu or something getting me down.  I would love to just sleep.

Krampus for Christmas part 46

Krampus remembered a house on the street Seal, decorated everywhere with Christmas Zeal.  Christmas filled every little nook, If you wanted tips these folks wrote the book.  You couldn't see it all in an evening or season, Christmas spilled out every room no rhyme or reason.

The little couple that lived there decked the halls every year, from the fifties til now without fear.  They started even before the old beast, so grand kids saw when they came from back east.  There was a tree that magically seemed to snow and a second in the back on the patio.  There were so many ornaments extra branches were hung on the walls and more like a sea of stars on the ceiling in the hall. 

Some years they turned the garage into a scene, removing the door and making a window of Plexiglas and beams.  The little lord Jesus slept in a bed a pump for his breathing a drive stirring his head. All the neighbors would come to see,  when Krampus showed up they all turned to flee.  The monster just smiled on the couples work, thinking next time to hide and lurk.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Krampus for Christmas part 45

In the season Krampus loved to bake the worst inedible ill flavored sort of fruity cakes.  Delivering to neighbors doorsteps with a wild toss.  Some shattered across the lawn, Krampus wouldn't mourn their loss.  Cake broken windows were none of the monsters concern, same as last Christmas they should have learned.

The cakes hard really not for eating, Just a friendly seasons greeting.  Krampus didn't shell nuts just left them as a suprise, He also added hot wheels you should see the kiddies eyes.  In January the dentist fixed many hurt teeth, he sometime sent Krampus a thank you wreath.

Krampus cooked cookies though they tasted of frogs, no one eat them not even local dogs.  His pumpkin cakes were great those he didn't share.  We only knew of those from the delicious smell in the air.

The song remains the same

We had our Ricktoberfest party last Saturday night.  I think it was a success, people seemed to have fun.  One of the attractions was a musical "Name that tune" type game. People seemed to like it.  I have a line 6 studio 110 which I played the music through.  It was sort of a pain, until i realized something has to be plugged into the input for CD/MP3 input to work, stupid design.  So if you plug just a cable into the input you are fine, just if you have had the same problem.  Once there It worked great!

I ran the first few rounds playing pretty easy songs and did a point for either song or artist.  After four rounds I started doing a point for song and a point for artist; I don't think i would do this in the future it kept the points too close.  I would say go around six round with either and then require both.  Depending on how much fun everyone is having and how long they have to stay.

From there i started throwing out hints for a few rounds.  It was harder and I have a fair amount of trivia soaked into the back of my head.  I also threw out some easy songs that were just sort of goofy and fun here.  MMmbop and Baby got back come to mind.  It was a laugh.  I also tried for a few lay up songs that were just for one of the people playing.  Throwing a bone that surprises people is fun.  But you have to know the person playing.

We finally broke it down to a single group and they played head to head.  It came down to Yes star ship troopers,  I thought i was giving a fair shot to both players but I didn't know the musical tastes of one them.  I feel a bit bad for giving such a lay up for one.

My though is to make a more formal game out of it.  Possibly asking for players to bring their own ipod/device with a playlist of songs they know.  This way we would be playing with music everyone is an expert in.  I have considered this in a trivia game I was working on.  There would be cards that forced changes in the game.  The cards could be like, pick a hard one or play from my list instead.  Forcing the ref to pick a harder song, or taking a song from a specific players play list.

 Here is the song rating system i used

Easy is a song still played on the radio by a well know group.  Smells like teen spirit could only ever be easy.  ABC by the Jackson 5.

Moderate is a song that the title is pretty easy to guess from a decently known group.  Also well known songs from obscure groups such a one hit wonders.  Too Shy by Kajagoogoo.

Hard songs are hard for some reason.  Obscure name that doesn't come out of the song, Train in Vain by the Clash for example.  Any sort of rarity by a well know group.  Songs and groups that were not huge hits in their day.  Rush's I think I'm going bald or Alphavilles big in Japan perhaps.

Really hard songs are things people would not know.  I am thinking smaller groups.  Joy Division is probably good for this category even Love will tear us apart.  Older songs also seem to get harder, Brandy by Looking Glass was very hard.

Jim's insanely hard songs are often instrumental or songs deep into a genre.  Throw in your Sigur Ros or Mogwai here.  Vio-lence would be fair game or something like Goblin.