Monday, September 10, 2012

6 Player Board and War Games Suggested to my gaming group

Having asked the question to friends and even a message board I wanted to ask here.  What are some good board and minis games for 6 players.  Really we may even need some seve player games.  but for now I wanted to list some of the replies.  This is for my circle of friends but also anyone looking for larger games.

Our original idea was something not role playing that was easy and had miniatures.  Ideally we were looking for something that allow for players to get a taste of miniatures as well as boardgames.  Here are some of the more recommended games.

Zombicide.  I guess this comes from a kick starter but here is the URL for the site and I think you can buy it now.  I am not sure!  Also in this genre is Last Night on Earth which had a runner up vote.

Wiz War:  This is a classic old game that actually used to be played with a live dungeon back in the old convention days.

Descent: This and another game called Super Dungeon Explore were recommended several times.  I am not sure i am actually leaning to the dungeon explore game but we will see.

Battletech: This venerable game got several mentions from the board.  I think it may work as several players had tried the old game.  I am not sure I remember it as being very random with weapons caches exploding and deciding the game.

Frag! Steve Jackson's Games semi war game was also mentioned a bit.

Infinity: Corvus Belli's miniatures game was mentioned as something we might try out as well.

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