Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 91 very few changes made

Krampus remembered a house on the street Seal, decorated everywhere with Christmas Zeal.  Christmas filled every little nook, if you wanted tips these folks wrote the book.  You couldn't see it all in an evening or season, Christmas spilled out every room no rhyme or reason.  The little couple that lived there decked the halls every year, from the fifties until now without fear.  They started even before Krampus the old beast, so grand kids saw when they came from back east.  There was a tree that magically seemed to snow and a second in the back on the patio.  There were so many ornaments extra branches were hung on the walls and more like a sea of stars on the ceiling in the hall.

Some years they turned the garage into a scene, removing the door and making a window of Plexiglas and beams.  The little lord Jesus slept in a bed a pump for his breathing a drive stirring his head. All the neighbors would come to see, when Krampus showed up they all turned to flee.  The monster just smiled on the couple’s work, thinking next time to hide and lurk.  Krampus had watched the couple’s house fill and fill every year until kids were about to spill.  Most years the traditions remained the same, though some were already pretty strange.  Chop Suey was served for a special treat, odd for a Mexican Irish family to like to eat.  One son often cooked eggs pickled in beets; most would have preferred to lick feet.

Krampus would be sad when they were gone, then only a lesser Christmas could be drawn.  He would be sad for the Kids who wouldn't get to see. Christmas everywhere; even a Crystal tree.  Boys would wonder over a hot wheel covered twig draped with lights, two feet big.  For the girls one decked in dolls and merriness everywhere though the halls.

If the monster could save some in his mind maybe it wouldn't be lost ever in time.  The beast wished he could save some Christmases that were oh so grand, not to have traditions pass from the land. To someone in the family they may pass the flame but to Krampus taste it would be tame.  They would take a tradition or two the rest passing away to the beasts rue.  Krampus remembered too many holidays long forgot, none would be remembered and put at the soul of the plot. The monster turned them over in mind, when filled with longing from time to time.  Still some new ideas weren't so dark, except for that horrid peppermint bark.  Perhaps the couple’s kids would have a grand thought and the spirit of Christmas again would be caught.  Krampus felt a ray of hope. Maybe with the loss of the little couple he could cope.
The thoughts were soon cast aside Krampus would play some Christmas carols then he could abide.  Mid November some start playing Christmas tunes, but Krampus had been playing them since June.  He had vinyl and Cd's and an iPod loaded full of his favorite Christmas songs.  Playing carols so early wasn't right but he was happy being wrong.

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