Friday, September 21, 2012

Everybody have a good time

today is not for this desk nor the indoors.  today is better outside windows down music loud.  It seems made for stops at forgotten shops I prowled in my youth. It rings with the call of backwoods roads and driving fast.  Cellphone thrown out the window solitude for idle hours.  Everything impromptu! Surprise dinner with friends and spur of the moment movies.  Youth creeping back in the spine and smiles that come without warning.  Bowling alleys and wild Whitesnake songs on the radio.  Some night years past recaptured though you weren't even trying.  Dark rides home lit up bright by a moon that seems too big for the sky.  Calavaras, San Felipe and Hicks all on the same night!  Trucks giving chase and drivers with pale skin and eyes.  Silly laughing kids caught up with some stupid joke you said, that only you can say right. 

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