Monday, September 17, 2012

De Profundis: I pursue dark alleys

My Fellow Gentlemen

My concern of evenings past has not abated.  I find myself confined to my abode, this missive delivered by my gentleman's gentleman Tilkinton.  The phantasmagoria written within my previous letter continues.  I see their eyes always upon my estate.  I can only conjectures what should happen if they accosted my person. 

I embark upon a dark journey for my own safety, perhaps in error.  I have found myself a babe in the wood; but am determined it will not be so.  I continue to pursue dark and dusty tomes, scouring for some sort of aid.   Perhaps only an initiate, I find I am drawn in by these works.  Often I am devouring the text in long solemn hours.  I pray I find some reason to hope in the pages.  I fear I am doomed without.

My studies have established a milieu in which I believe both Mr. Yeats and Crowley are working.  I believe both are stitched up under the tutelage of Mather.  I have writing this name in the past, it weights heavy in my studies.  I a lone seeker falter against two both mentored at the apron strings of this Mathers.  Odds surly have been stacked against me in this task.

I am confounded by your collective silence, though perhaps I reach to those already under dark sway.  I pray for your sound minds and words.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reichl

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