Monday, September 10, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 83

Then he would hear a dry leaf scratch cross the street and would check the date even in the summer heat. 

Other days he would lounge in a little kiddie pool.  Drinking a Slurpee and trying to keep cool.  But a calendar was always at hand, the monster circled dates and planned and planned.  Some of his schemes centered on candy corn; others on pumpkin doughnut, without them he would be forlorn.  Seldom was there a day the monster didn't have something planned.  Autumn for Krampus was shaping up to be grand. 

And Idunn watched from her window spying on the dates.  Hoping for to understand the monster who lived over the gate.  She thought it was strange her friends didn't have a neighbor like "Him".  She often wondered if he needed a friend.  He had the neighbors dog whom he treated well, but if they were friends it was really hard to tell.  The dog sleep inside lying on the couch while the monster slept in a tiny dog house his feet sticking out.

Now I said feet but that's not really true.  He only had one foot  not so many as two.  The other was a hoof that clopped on the ground.  It would keep you up at night when Krampus walked around.  But as Idunn watch the monster never did anything mean.  He was well groomed and even kept his claws manicured and clean.

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