Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 96

Christmas lights glowed around the eaves, with Krampus making small talk hoping the girl would leave.  She had been good and the beast couldn't eat her.  Santa wouldn't allow it of that Krampus was sure.  Krampus tried yelling and showing his claws, but the little girl wasn't scared, leaving him in awe.  What did she want?  The beast still hoped she'd leave!  When she said to be friend Krampus gave her a reprieve. I'm a monster he said with a growl.  And if your bad I'll eat you, beat you, you'll howl.  But Idunn stood her ground and still holding out her hand without a sound.

Silent and stoic Krampus finally took the little girls hand.  The beast asked "why aren't you afraid.  like any little girl would?"  Idunn thought a moment "I can pretend; do you think I should?"  Krampus snarled disgusted at himself. "She thinks I'm funny silly like an elf!"  The girl told of her watching so many months, even of following his little hunts.  How after time the monster was a matter of fact, she even accused the kid eating was just an act.  "No" the beast roared, I'd eat you if allowed. Krampus monstered and menaced and furled his brow. 

Idunn just laughed and hugged a hairy leg.  How did a monster scare this girl? Did he have to beg? She was unrelenting and determined; wouldn't bend.  Krampus finally was forced to let her be his friend.  Idunn chattered at Krampus through the fence, the big brute taking each word with a wince.  How did he end up with a kid wanting to be a friend?  If Nick heard of it the torment would never end.  He was a monster!  No The Monster of the merry Yule!  Now this child played him for the fool.

The monster indulged the small talk only as much as he could; even considering a change of neighborhood.  He only took interest when she mention how for Halloween she had her mom make a Krampus costume.  Flattered the beast finally blushed; a little ashamed he wished the child hushed.  Still Krampus had a reputation and couldn't have a kid as a friend.  He plotted and planned a way to make the friendship end.  He listened intently when she spoke of getting a tree, maybe he could scare here off then he would have to try and see.  The morning went on much the same; to her words he nodded his mane.  Krampus hoped to end the talk it was driving him insane.

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