Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for the kid friendly Halloween of my youth

Halloween has come full circle for me I guess.  With a young child I am less interested in anything scary and more interested in the whimsical side of the Holiday.  This is funny as I always wanted Spirit to have better merchandise with a more serious look and detail.  Now that it is there I am looking for the old cardboard crap that was around when I was a kid.  The odd part about this is its mainly disappeared.

The good folks over at have a nice picture that I am posting that shows just what I am looking for.  These lame skeletons, witches and cats are just the thing to not scare my daughter but introduce the season in a fun non dangerous way.  Our walk through Spirit the other day introduced many questions about why is that baby eating his foot and why is that one stabbing his bear.  I told here their teeth were caused by the tooth disease gingivitis and that they didn't brush enough.  She is super into brushing now!

Its odd how Halloween is not the same.  For my friends and I Halloween came in boxed costumes with smocks and plastic masks, which I have written about before.  Make up was always around from crappy vampire and Frankenstein kits to the crazy Dick Smith creatures.  Masks were probably the closest one could come to an expensive costume, some were over a hundred dollars which was like a million to kids in my neighborhood. 

Now its almost rare to see a good selection of masks and no one sells the plastic ones on the string like we had.  What I see everywhere are these introduction to being a hooker costumes.  Seriously even the six year old girls are getting short skirts and leggings.  These a full on slutted up by high school.  I worry for the next few years with my kid.  Sadly you can't even steer them down the nerd route as the anime cos play is as bad or worse.

Sort of sad how the holiday has taken a turn.  I understand it started as an adult holiday but it seems like there should be a place for both innocence and the exotic erotic ball or whatever it was being advertised on the freeway. 

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