Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I palindrome I

I saw my twin yesterday walking down the street.  he was a heavy guy with my same shoes and jeans.  I have the shirt he was wearing in my closet.  I guess that isn't such a coincidence considering all fat guys shop at the same big and tall store.  His hair was mine from a couple of hears ago before it started thinning, so good on him, but the beard oh god so conventional nothing like my triple horseshoe.

It was striking really, why was he/I walking?  I mean we are lazy we don't walk, what the fuck?  Don't you have a car, we love driving around don't you remember.  Are you even listening to metal in those head phones you fuck why are you walking so serene we aren't serene.

I just wanted to role down the window and say, "it doesn't get much better?"  but what if he is the happy version of us oh my god!  Is that even possible?  Does he feel connected to people and act gregariously.  Its like there is a wrong version of me living just down the street.  What am I going to do.  I don't know if this town is big enough for me and happy fucking Jim.

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