Friday, September 14, 2012

De Profundis: It proves an unwise purchase

My Fellow Gentlemen

I have arrived at some cosmic error!  My purchased stone charm is useless at best and perhaps worse.  Again I prowled the lane ways south and eastward of my abode.  My hope to again travel unaccosted amongst the denizens I have so often spoken of.  My hopes faltered in the passing hours, so I write to you vexed.

I shall not indulge in my preparation but it's safe to assume me armed.  I arrived at Mr. Yeats estate deep past the midnight hour as planned.  My suspicions of a return of the creatures was proven accurate as I was greeted on far with their malignant green light.  My approach again was cautions but less so, as the elder marked stone emboldened my spirit.  Fool though I am!

Proposing to meet the horrors headlong I approached the melee holding to the notion that the creatures would not perceive my presence.  My initial advance was perhaps unseen or ignored; but slowly I drew their attention.  God their eyes!!

Within moments the altercation began to fade from my sight.  Of this I took solace!  The peace was soon dashed under the feet of the creatures whom originally made not of my presence.  Their forms seemed to coalesce again to my vision.  Gripped in terror I fled only to be given chase.  It is by providence's grace I arrived home safely; though now they are aware.  Aware and even playing me visit in the dark hours though I stay well hid.

I plead for your direction my fellows

Yours very truly
J.L. Reichl

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