Friday, September 07, 2012

de profundis: the battle beyond

My Fellow Gentlemen

More of my nocturnal jaunts and the feeling of wild ether frolics.  I claim there is some elevating madness in the endeavor for something must be driving beyond common sense.  Some nights hence I traveled the lane ways that divide my residence with those of Mr. Yeats abode.  This serves as a testimony of the transpired events.  True as the Lord witnesses.

I found myself ill prepared for sleep after late hours in my ledgers and again walked.  My travels wild and far eventually arrived near the residency of Mr. Yeats.  Though it is perhaps a wintering home used only to hide from foul weather at his more common reside.  Mr. Yeats presence at the address is not in question as he is often sited in the privileged company of local gentry.  I approached well into the eve , which is to say much later than my past journeys.  I could see this strange green hued illumination from afar, my approach meandering through alleys and side streets.  It was not until finally rounding a final corner that I would see fully unimpeded.

Creature incomparable with those of natural philosophy gripped in combat tussled about the street.  Some wild and daemonic others perhaps mimicked the rudimentary life seen under a microscope all fought.  Their appeared to be two distinct camps, though I know this through action not their individual aspect.  Some battered and charged at Mr. Yeats abode, whilst others seemed to protect it.  I can not say how long this battle had been waged but it proceeded some minutes.  No single combatant paid me attention and after time the melee began to fade from my sight.  Even though I watched with intent it faded and faded.  Soon there was but a street to see.  I wondered if my mind had soured within my skull at first, though their were again signs of the morass upon Mr. Yeats stone work.

I am assured now to say these powers are beyond me.  I beseech you for word and wisdom.

Yours very truly
J.L. Reich

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