Thursday, September 20, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 93

For dessert Krampus gathered Halloween pumpkins that were smashed on the road.  Leaving them on the window sill until they reeked growing mold.  With the mess he baked thanksgiving pies complete with homemade crust and several hundred files.  Yams were hand smashed and candied golden brown, soaked in syrup so sweet they were hard to get down.  Scalloped corn and stuffing rounded out the meal. Krampus heaped on seconds and thirds with a happy squeal.

Who knows what part kids played in the feast, he may have ground their bones to make the yeast.  There was some doubt as it was before the season, but Krampus knew a butcher with meats for every reason. 

The day of the feast he caught a little nap.  Then waited by the mall and set a little trap.  Black Friday shoppers tasted the best; full of thanksgiving dinners from their toes to their chest.  They thought of sales, not their kids.  They wouldn't mind just a nibble; so he waited and hid.

Krampus was happy with the nights mayhem and crept way; planning more for each of the coming days.   It was some days later than Idunn watched and listened on a morning where dew glistened.  Down next door the monster hurried about a table; He was preparing a feast fit for a fable. A meal fit for kings and queens back in olden times, again so much food an army could have dined.

There was a bird or rather many, Idunn guested twenty but really only thirty. The beast was turning them into a feast, a roast of birds from times long ceased.Krampus would laugh at a turduken that was only three; he made his tenfold bigger you see. He had an ostrich, an emu, emperor penguin on down the line a pigeon a blue jay with a humming bird finally stuffed it would taste just fine.  Idunn thought it smell delicious "Yumming" with a sigh.  Krampus even baked on of great grandma's chocolate pies.Idunn wondered where he got the recipe, grandma kept a secret card, but the monster's smelled the same cooling on the table in the yard.

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