Wednesday, September 19, 2012

De Profundis: an assault

My Fellow Gentlemen

I scan the horizons from the high windows of my estate, waiting.  Many hours have passed with my tormentors unseen, though my heart is not set to rest. It was the same some days pasts when my courage returned me, prompting an egress into folly.  The horrors which follow are my true testament before man and God.

I left the residence in the hours of wide daylight, hoping the evil I had attracted had forgot or grown bored.  This was proven not to be the case, as the assault occurred just a few brisk strides from my doorstep.  The expanse of my lawn I had watched for many hours seeing none but the common bird and insect.  In caution I proposed a swift search of the land to the fore of my property.  I could inspect little more than my juniper and cow lilies before the green nimbus light coalesced before my sight. Turning to escape in fear I was grasped by another.  I remember a series of blows following and some words but awoke upon my door; alone.

I can say little other than the words arabesq and strange were uttered by human tongue.  My unknown savior is to be thanked but had vanished before the arrival of my faculties.

For now I remained confined and gripped in fear.  I remain well hidden with the walls of my estate.  I hold few clues of my attackers nor my benefactor.  I pray word to expand this story beyond it's timid scope.

Your very truly
J.L. Reichl

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