Friday, September 21, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 94

With the night drawing near Idunn's parents called her down from her window.  They were having dinner with grandma Clara and it was time to go!  Idunn came down with a sullen mope. Returning from dinner early was the little girls only hope. She spied a man when she got into the car.  He poked round the neighbors hours with long hair and a guitar.  He had a lock of white hair that bobbed to and fro.  Idunn thought he looked like the leader of a jazz trio.  Then a bum wandered up and Krampus opened the gate.  The little girl wanted to see more but her parents grew irate.  So Idunn and family drove away and the band started to play.

Her family returned to music ringing from the neighbors yard.  Singing and ringing out songs of Christmas under a veil of stars.  Idunn again watched from above a pair playing music with love.  One wore rags and the other a tux but they played in unison without any flux.  The bums voice was ragged but warm and sweet. His beautiful performance would bring crowds to their feet.  He sang of old city bars, streetlight and drinks for free.  Wishing everyday was Christmas was his final plea.

Ancient rhymes sung of olden times with Krampus humming along.  Sang and swelled from the backyard the whole night long.  These miscreants of Christmas didn't care the hour was late.  They didn't even pause when the Trash Men were banging on the gate.  The concert was for Krampus sole and alone.  He was cloistered in the safety of his backyard home.

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