Thursday, September 20, 2012

TV review: Hell on Wheels

I have been seeing a bunch of ads for the AMC series Hell on Wheels everywhere.  Like everywhere, I sort of thought it was a biker series actually from the name but I finally took a look at the series.  I can only speak for the pilot but DAMN! It was crazy violent and not afraid of some gore either.

So far it seems to be the tale of a southerner who lost everything in the war trying to get revenge on the northerners who took it from him.  I guess they were a part of Sherman march and basically raped their way through the south.  Cullen Bohannon is slowly getting his revenge on them.  As several of the union soldiers are now working on the construction of the trans Continental railroad, Cullen also takes a job.  So far that is pretty much all I know other than the show takes effort to display violence rather than shy away.  It was really quit gripping as the pilot takes you on a hell of a ride.

I have not seen deadwood but I think this is in the same vein.  I think fans of Deadwood should probably check it out.  As should gamer fans of wild west games.  It does a good job showing some of the life associated with the rail.  Tent cities that are constantly moving with the construction of the line.  So to sum it up wow, pretty gripping very bloody and worth a watch

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