Monday, September 17, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 89

A weird monster who felt Christmas couldn't come too soon. Here at a Halloween party he felt out of tune.  To their roaring electric mayhem, Krampus thought of carols and started to hum. For the candy He thought of cookies and asked the barman for eggnog and rum. His friends had had enough of him when he arranged the skeletons into a manger and started treating Krampus like a stranger.Krampus stayed a few hours and would have stayed more, but found himself always inching his way to the door.  The party didn't notice Krampus steal away I think they were glad he left anyway.  The monster was one too many some had thought, they would see him at Christmas his presence would be sought.

Krampus himself walked deep in Halloween night. After a while of being alone he started to feel alright. He was happy for the moon, leading him home all pink and bright.  The monster pasted other monsters haunting all the streets.  Many masked from Woolworth other with wholes cut in sheets.  These old kids stayed out late prowling for fun, most gave Krampus distance but a few would flat out run.

He wandered not aware where he was going or the night was at end; coming face to face with the sun after turning a dark bend.  It was a new day, but one of the dead.  New sights and smells filled the monsters head.  The monster wandered the small run down shops, a barber and a Baker all painted pink even the sign “Stop”!  Krampus looked at the little Catrina's and sugary skulls for the dead.  A skull faced server gave kids some swaddled baby bread. 

This was a holiday Krampus didn't understand.  Songs of Dia de la Muertos were played but an undead mariachi band. Krampus hid ducking down and tucking himself away then creeping back toward home.  He wasn't the right sort of monster and shouldn’t be caught alone.  Krampus worried El Cucuy was around, if there is one monster then two isn't as crazy as it sounds.  The two argued every time they met, about turf is my bet.

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