Friday, September 28, 2012

De Profundis: a strange inscription

My Fellow Gentlemen

Assured of my faculties and soundness of body I have venture forth.  Into the world or at least the microcosm of my property.  I remained under the grand expanse of sky some three quarters of an hour.   While I was pleased to again leave my abode it was not without unease.  The air and very nature of my property was perplexing.  Foreign and familiar coterminous and haunting my doorstep.

Inspecting the pathway that borders my estate, my sight was accosted.  Vulgar text and symbols had been drawn about, in some strange red chalk or dust.  Much had been cast off by the wind but still enough remained to fill my soul with dread.  I shall aspire to replicate the marks upon this letter.  The text is strange to me though the form suggests the anatomy of the innermost.

I continue to inspect the property of the inscription medium, though my guess powdered brick.  The text appears grim and ugly to mine eye, I have not seen it's like.  Perhaps it will stir remembrance.

Yours very Truly
J.L. Reichl

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