Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 84

On Labor Day just before the start of school Idunn was surprised the beast wasn't in his pool.  Krampus flame broiled burgers like a king, he also made hotdogs and sausage all sorts of things.  Krampus and the dog would have quite a feast, with left overs and seconds even if he ate like a beast.  His grill glowing Krampus cooked unaware, but slowly the monster noticed a change in the air.  From the high branches a tree cast of a leaf, seeing it caused Krampus grief.  The monster left his grill glowing bright and was hidden in the garage the rest of the night.

Krampus searched through boxes hidden from Idunn's eye.  He looked for garland and lights sometimes muttering with curses and cries.  Untangled strands was difficult with his claws. Krampus hoped the dog would have better luck with it's paws.  Krampus's monstrous hands weren't made for that sort of task.  What sort of monster is this I bet your going to ask. 

Krampus is the Christmas monster or demon depending to whom you speak.  Horned and hoofed and kids are the dinner he seeks.  You see Santa keeps his gloves clean where the naughty list is concerned. Krampus dolls out the punishment bad kids have earned. But Krampus loved Christmas and was full of it's cheer, even on arbor day, all of the year. 

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