Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: part 90

Afterwords was the dreary November with days turning short and somber.  Few thought of Christmas with and election and Thanksgiving on the way.  But Krampus long ago turned his attention to the day.  Idunn could see his yard was already merrily dressed.  But the monster thought his display was a terrible mess.  Some garland the halls when they toss up the tree, others might give a week to adding the house with holiday glee.  Krampus had been decorating since before Halloween, Idunn often watch from her window, under blankets, hiding unseen.

Krampus liked to vary each year with different styles and themes.  Muted and dull ornaments one year; the next crystal trees that gleam.  He could put on a sixties lounge Christmas with glitz and flair, even a sad little forties Christmas when war was in the air.  Some years he hung knee hugging little elves.  Other years nutcrackers filled the shelves. 

Our monster decked his dog house with festive delight, rolling out the holly and electric lights.  There was a star and an arrow, gold links garlanded around the tiny house.   He even forced Christmas sweaters on a very frightened mouse.   Krampus hung wooden ravens all along the door.  They were a Christmas tradition from Alaska's chilly shore.  Some he carved with his wicked Krampus claws; others were bought online.  It was all within the law.  Raven represented Jesus to the Tlingit people up north.  Through virgin birth Raven stole the sun and for the people brought if forth.

In his house Krampus's manger was set with more Caganers than two; all trying discreetly to take a Christmas poo.  One looked like john Lennon another like Peggy lee. He searched without luck for one taking a wee.  Christmas Catalogs filled the rest of his tiny shack, ordered chronologically in a massive stack.  The monster had Sears wish book from every year, yes he had Montgomery Wards and Penny's you needn't fear.  Some had toys circled, he would have liked as a lad; but Krampus never got presents he was Always bad.

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