Thursday, September 13, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 86

Krampus hurried on with chores, most of September the best was a whirlwind of Christmas gore.  Repainting his several mangers with care the colors well matched and painted with flare.  His ornaments were inspected each at least twice; any broken were mended and made to look nice.  Idunn only caught glimpse of the monster these first autumn days. Krampus even forgot beer and sausage he was so dedicated to his Christmas ways.

The little girl ,Idunn , still from the window watched.  Only hearing the beast when he returned from a hunting trip that was botched.  He prowled nightly after fall was here; with this new competition the cats howled in fear.  They didn't know Krampus was looking for kids nor Idunn or she might have hid.  The monster got the naught list early and needed a bite.  No one would miss a kid or two, well maybe the might.

Some evenings later Idunn spied Krampus with his sack.  It looked full and something moved in the pack.  The monster laughed and lashed the bag with a chain tied to bells.  Santa bound Krampus with these chains and one of his spells.  Idunn was worried and slunk down to hide but couldn't stop watching no matter how hard she tried.

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