Monday, September 24, 2012

New words for the hobbyist

We should have a term for the several years of being a parent where you dont get to do shit.  Where the kids come first and your hobby comes not at all.  I present to you DaderKinder! Why can't you go to the movies? Daderkinder!  Why can't you go to see Iron Maiden? DaderKinder!

Its nice, simple and rolls off the tongue.  Because of Kids, in German to not make the little monsters feel like crap.  What happened to Ray in the War Machine league?  "Daderkinder!" Oh shit he knocked someone up?

My Daderkinder is going to the movies.  I used to love going to see movies but now its very seldom.  There has to be something I am really interested in to get a baby sitter and go with my wife to see.  Or some weird alignment of the stars where we see something that isn't so awesome.  But a few months ago something happened that brings me to my second word, mitkinder.

Mitkinder is the great and terrible experience of bringing your child into your hobby or interest.  Its shaky at first and your not sure if they are ready which is why I use the term Mitkinder.  It's not like you are really going with your kid some much as you are supervising your kid through the experience.   On this theme I took my daughter to her first movie "Brave".  She went to the bathroom like five times, our mistake giving her any fluid before the show.  We also had to work at keeping her quiet but she did well.  But you get the distinct feeling that you have to work through the experience rather than sit down and enjoy.

The worry is a lot like taking the kid to a restaurant for the first time.  You want to be there to help them through the experience.  To help them understand their are certain expectations on their behavior when they enter society as a whole. You are lucky to eat, your busy parenting. These rules are not in place at the house and certainly not at the grandparents house.  So you are parenting your ass off MitKinder.

I am hoping to see a few movie before Wreck it Ralph so I am watching a movie with my family rather than my wife and I seeing a movie mitkinder.

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