Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Iron Maiden at Shoreline Amphitheater , Mountain View California 2012 review

So some weeks back my wife and I went to see Iron Maiden.  The experience had some real highs and lows.  Basically these can be boiled down to Iron Maiden Good, Shoreline Amphitheater bad.  Well also our local radio station The Bone 107.7 Also bad with their employee named Baby Huey being told to fuck off and leave by Steve Harris.

Let me go into the good because a lot of it was fantastic.  My wife, friend and I were able to get our tickets through the Iron Maiden Fan Club early ticket sale.  We were able to grab seats in the DDD row and our seats were fantastic.  We were right there better than any concert I have ever been too.  The seats were not outrageously expensive as you may have expected only around 100 dollars.  That is expensive but inline with concerts these days.  Iron Maiden does this for their fans which is fantastic.  Also the show was just great as always.  I even started liking Coheed and Cambria a bit after their set.  I had never heard them but they did a good job at winning me over. Iron Maiden proved yet again they are the world's best live band.  Also they are class acts 100%.  I say this because there was a girl with a sign saying she was going to her first concert, with her dad, and Iron Maiden was her favorite band.  They took time at the end of the show to present her with picks and wrist bands and showered her with love.  Basically they did everything they could to make a real fan feel special. Iron Maiden are great!

Ah now we get to the Shoreline Amphitheater.  I really don't have a problem with your staff for the most part, though you are often draconian with the no bottle policy and you flat our lie when you say its the bands fault.  But two of your staff members really crossed the line.  Both were security in the bottom middle of the show.  One a tall guy with pretty bad hair was letting his friend down to the front but was letting no one from even a row up visit.  As a fan club member I looked on in disgust as a group of hipsters danced in the front, noting angrily that none knew the lyrics or even tried to sing on fear of the dark.  Those are the people we and in the metal community hate they have no business at the show let alone up front.  Facilitated by some trumped up little shit who failed out of police academy and now has a God complex. 

The next and worse offense we from an black guy who had a red version of the Shoreline security jacket.  He was very concerned with anyone being in the aisle often coming up to me when I was waiting for people to come in and out of our row.  Yes I am fat and I am sitting at the end of the row I need to get up to let people out.  At the end of the concert the band tossed out picks and sticks to folks my wife reached out to grab something reaching into the aisle he diligently protected.  I guess she was an evil doer as he pushed her back into the row.  Luckily for us all she did not relay this to me until later.  You don't put hands on my wife.  Personally I would like to see this guy fired and his family exterminated. Humor aside I would have smashed his head into the concrete steps of the shoreline if I had know what he did.

The Bone 107.7 while once a station that played Iron Maiden now is a joke.  I guess maybe you hear them on the Nikki Black metal show but seldom else where. Originally their format included Iron Maiden but the station has taken a change for the suck over the years.  Its funny as the crowd at Megadeth's last also called out the Bone as a bunch of dicks.  Dave Mustaine comment "Fuck them if they don't play our music" and renamed the guitar give away His own.  Apparently their morning zoo includes someone named Baby Huey who is a large fat fellow such as myself.  He was up in the front row and was seated a large portion of the show.  At first I thought he was too fat to stand the whole show and pitied him, as I was sick myself and was forced to my seat anytime the smoke machines were used.  Also I could see myself being too fat to rock out the whole show.  I felt a little bad for him when Mr. Harris called him a wanker and told him to piss off, pointing to the exit.  It was after the show my friend said that was Baby Huey, showing me a picture on his ipod.  This pissed me off and my pity was gone.  The man boy is a dedicated fan of Green Day and pop punk.  You have no business in the front row of an Iron Maiden show.  All of us who say up the Irons know Harris hate punk and sitting at his show is just an insult.  Sitting front row is a slap in the face of every single fan.

Again Iron Maiden were great.  You need to thing about doing a show of just you guys no opener like Rush next time in the states.

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