Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Krampus for Christmas: Part 85

Even though it was still early, Krampus considered the date and was worried.  For the monster Christmas loomed even though Oktoberfest arrive more soon.  For Krampus these others holidays just got in the way.  The monster had to celebrate three versions of Thanksgiving Day.  One for the Canadians and two for the Yanks.  Back in the forties Republicans and Democrats each had a day to give thanks. 

But for now it was September and Krampus worried about a tree.  He liked to cut his own though they came with spiders and fleas.  By now he had his light untied and untangled, checking each bulb to make sure none were mangled.  The garland looked nice and angel hair was neatly arranged.  Such care from a monster was pretty strange.

Krampus's supply of switches had grown rather low, last year the naughty list saw a lot of flow.  He would need more and to mend his sack, one kid tore a hole while struggling on Krampus's back.  He almost got away, but ended up in the stew. All the bad kids end up there, be good or you will too.

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