Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 97

Rows of pines decorated the hills above the town; all waiting someone to come and chop them down.  Fathers proudly stalking with saw in hand, all searching for the perfect fir noble or grand.  All were happy unless the picked a tree full of ants, that riggled and climb right down their pants.

Krampus hid until the growing dark, crouched under junk hidden with a tarp.  The monster finally crept out around dusk, spending his time  sharpening his tusks.  Parents were most concerned with pines and spruce.  They wouldn't mind a few bites on little Bruce. Only hoof and paw tracks would mark Krampus there, he would have a snack without a care.

In the evening, he spied little Idunn, all innocent and silhouetted by the light of the moon.  Her parents didn't see the monster creep.  Krampus would scare them so bad they would lose sleep.  Then this girl wouldn't hope to be his friend, for the monster a happy end.  The beast leaped from behind a tree with a furious growl.  Her parents, but not Idunn, recoiled with a howl.  Their terror rapped them up like a rug, but Idunn instead ran up and gave the monster a big hug.  Krampus then ran off in fright; he was meant to instill horror never delight.

The brute howled in sorrow only to be joined but near by dogs.  Sad and dejected Krampus needed someone to flog.  Idunn's hug and turned him into a joke.  Krampus walked home deprived of his hopes.  He wandered the hills until he arrived where the sidewalk began.  Krampus didn't notice the kids until they shrieked and ran.

Feeling a tad better the monster gave chase, lashing a teen directly in the face.  Krampus kicked him as he went down, happily cackling with no sort of frown.  The terror that night is legend to this day, though only an urban legend the foolish unbelievers will say.  I can assure you though I still have the scars, Krampus branded me with a red hot iron bar.  The night went and Krampus slept sound in the backyard though many houses lay burned and charred.  Him he was happy; again the raging beast, even Gamera couldn't challenge him being so far back east.

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