Thursday, September 06, 2012

Krampus for Christmas part 82

Summer was Krampus' Slow time, with hibernation and the odd vacation lined up for the brute.  Sometimes he hid out in the Matterhorn when he traveled to the south.  Snarling at the bob sleds and trying to scoop kids into his mouth.  Disneyland didn't care for monsters though he was a careful guest.  But after a night with Cinderellas sister he thought leaving was for the best.  Besides the weather didn't suit his fluff, he almost shaved himself to be cooler in the buff.

Far north the climate was better for a beast such as he, The Bay was nicer even cold in Carmel by the sea.  There he frolicked with the walrus beneath a sea of green.  People wondered if it was an elephant seal they had seen.  Still Krampus didn't stay long always worrying it was getting late.  If he missed a minute of Christmas the monster would be irate.

Most days he spent at home in the yard.  So Idunn could easily see him, spying wasn't very hard.  He was taller than the fences and his horns towered more.  Sometimes he worked on an old Plymouth from late 66, something was always broken that the beast needed to fix.

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